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It is crucial to appreciate the importance of a functioning garage door. When your garage door is not operating as expected, it is advisable to contact a garage door repair service promptly. Garages serve as entrances to our homes and comprise a significant portion of the overall structure.   Recognizing the significance of garage door repairs is essential whenever a garage malfunctions. However, it’s important to approach the selection of a repair company thoughtfully. Choosing a reliable and professional garage door repair service requires careful consideration. While finding a company that offers garage services is generally easy, finding one that delivers exceptional service can be more challenging.   The internet is an excellent resource for locating garage door repair companies and accessing customer reviews about their services. Online searches provide contact information and valuable insights from previous customers. Without internet access, the phone book can be a helpful alternative. Some local garage repair companies may not have websites but offer more affordable pricing options.   When selecting the right company for your needs, factors such as size and workforce are worth considering. Additionally, check if the company offers round-the-clock emergency services, as unexpected situations can arise anytime. For extensive repair work, inquire about package deals or tune-up options that can provide comprehensive solutions for your garage door.

Owning a garage provides the advantage of ensuring that your car remains protected from various external elements. You no longer have to worry about potential damages such as scratches, dust, dew drops, rain, or unwelcome bird droppings on your vehicle. Your car remains secure inside the garage, just as you left it. However, one inconvenience of having a garage is manually lifting and closing the garage door each time you need to go.   Fortunately, this issue has been resolved with the introduction of garage door openers. Garage door openers are motorized devices designed to open and close garage doors. Some can be operated manually using switches installed inside the garage. In contrast, others provide the convenience of remote control operation from within your car. With a remote control, you can effortlessly trigger the opener to open the door as you approach your driveway or press a button to activate the door opening mechanism.   Thanks to garage door openers, manually lifting and shutting the garage door has become a thing of the past. These devices offer convenience and ease of use, providing a seamless and automated solution for opening and closing your garage door.

Garage doors are often taken for granted; we only consider them once they develop problems. Many homes already have garage doors installed when we move in, so it can be surprising when issues arise. We need to find a garage door installer. With numerous installation companies available, choosing the right one for your door can be challenging.   Before starting your search for installers, you must outline the qualifications you expect from the chosen professional. Consider that garage door types and designs are different, so it’s crucial to understand the kind of door you have. This will help you narrow your search to garage door installers with experience installing and working with that particular type of door. It’s also essential to differentiate between installing a new garage door and performing repairs on an existing one, as the processes can vary significantly.

Regarding garage door maintenance and repair, it’s essential to consider the various components involved, including the opener. Here are a few additional points to keep in mind: Regular Maintenance: Performing routine maintenance tasks can help prevent major garage door and opener issues. This includes lubricating moving parts, checking and tightening hardware, and cleaning the tracks to ensure smooth operation. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your door and opener.   Professional Inspection: It’s a good idea to have an experienced technician inspect your garage door and opener periodically. They can identify any potential problems or signs of wear and tear that may require attention. They can also make necessary adjustments to keep the door and opener functioning correctly.   Troubleshooting Minor Issues: If you experience any issues with your garage door or opener, it’s worth troubleshooting minor problems first. Check for loose connections, misaligned sensors, or worn-out parts that can be easily replaced. Sometimes, a simple adjustment or replacement of a small component can resolve the issue.   Safety Considerations: Garage doors can be heavy and operate under high tension, making them potentially dangerous. It’s essential to prioritize safety and only attempt complex repairs if you have the required knowledge and experience. Professional technicians are trained to work safely and can ensure that repairs are carried out correctly.

When choosing a garage door opener, it’s important to consider the motor’s power to ensure it can effectively operate your garage door. Here are some factors to consider: Garage Door Size and Weight: The size and weight of your garage door will determine the power requirements for the opener. Larger and heavier doors will require more power to operate smoothly. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the opener suits your door.   Horsepower (HP) Rating: The horsepower rating indicates the lifting capacity of the opener. Common ratings for residential garage door openers range from 1/3 HP to 1 1/2 HP. A 1/2 HP motor is typically sufficient for most standard residential doors. Still, heavier or larger doors may require a higher horsepower rating.   Door Material: The material of your garage door can also affect the power requirements. For example, solid wood doors are heavier than aluminum and may require a more powerful motor.   Usage Frequency: Consider how often you will be using your garage door. Suppose you have a high-traffic garage or use the door frequently. In that case, choosing an opener with a higher horsepower rating is advisable to ensure durability and smooth operation.


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Get the Value and benefits of our TOTAL service at no extra cost. When we solve the main problem we also do embedded services for free.
26-point inspection and nuts, screws tension – the Value of $55
Free Cables replacement together with Springs Replacement  – the Value of 95$
Garage Door Hardware and Chain Maintenance – the Value of 65$
Adjustment of travel limits & tension of belt / chain – the Value of $75
Whatever you need we give you more for the same price or cheaper!


26-Point Garage Door Inspection

Garage Door Balance
Emergency Release Cord
Bottom Brackets
Cable Drums
End Bearing Plates
Torsion / Extension Springs
Center Bracket
Central Bearing
Top Brackets
Tracks, Hinges, Rollers, Struts
Weather Seal
Garage Door Panels
Nuts and Bolts
Chain / Belt, Trolley
Sprocket Shaft
Safety Sensors
Wall & Door Brackets
Remotes and Switches
Travel limits
Opening / Closing Force

Total Service

T O T A L Service

Our approach put us apart of other companies, because we do everything like for ourselves, using heavy-duty parts, paying attention to all small thing we not only solve the problem but also conduct 26-Point Inspection of the entire system and provide T O T A L service, so our customers usually say – our doors have never worked as well as after our service.
The T O T A L Service includes, but not limited:
– garage door lifting system adjustment
– garage door hardware maintenance (lubrication of rollers, bearings, hinges, even springs)
– tightening of loose screws and nuts
– removal of dents on trucks
– safety sensors alignment and cleaning
– travel limits adjustment
– the chain / belt tensioning
– chain maintenance
– light bulb holders cleaning


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