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Garage door repair

The garage is often overlooked, but it’s an important area that requires proper care and maintenance. Installing a stylish garage door can enhance the value of your home and provide convenience in your daily life. With a wide range of door openers to choose from, you have the freedom to select the one that suits your needs. An automatic opener means you no longer have to open the door or exit your car manually. It offers a great deal of convenience and simplifies life for many homeowners. However, even with a high-quality garage door, regular repair services are necessary to ensure it remains in excellent condition. Professional repair service providers can address any garage door repair needs. In addition to repairs, they can also replace worn-out or broken rollers and springs. Over time, these components can become ineffective or damaged. By entrusting these tasks to professionals, you can rest assured that your garage door will be restored to its optimal functionality, operating as if it were brand new.

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Garage doors have evolved beyond the traditional manual roll-top versions. Nowadays, garage door openers come with various accessories that make opening them more straightforward. Regardless of the weight of the garage door, the right opener can be installed to ensure effortless operation. These openers prioritize safety and security, functioning reliably in any condition. They are available in various designs and offer multiple options for individual requirements. Even DIY installation of garage door openers can be completed within 3-5 hours, while professionals can typically install them in just 1 hour. Garage door openers can be categorized into two types based on their usage: residential and commercial. Different models are available in the commercial segment, including Trolley, Jackshaft, Hoist, and Slide openers. Trolley openers are suitable for the standard lifting of sectional doors. In contrast, Jackshaft openers are used for grilles, rolling doors, or sectional doors with vertical lift or high ceilings and shutters. Hoist operators are similar to Jackshifts but are designed for heavy-duty industrial doors. Slide door openers are specifically designed for single or bi-parting slide doors and fire doors.
When purchasing a garage door opener, the first step is determining the appropriate drive system.

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While installing regular doors in your house may be a familiar task, installing garage doors, whether manual or automatic, is a more complex and challenging endeavor. Garage door installation can also be hazardous, so it is highly recommended to hire a professional repairman for the job. These experts will advise you that manual door installation is generally more straightforward than automatic. The choice between manual and automatic operation depends on your preferences and specific requirements.   If you opt for heavy garage doors, such as those made of solid materials, automatic operation becomes necessary as they require significant strength to lift. On the other hand, manually operated garages are typically lighter and easier to install. They can be easily lifted using a handle. However, this limits your material options, as you must select a door made of lighter materials.   While automatic garage doors have been available for a long time, many homeowners still prefer manually operated garages. They are straightforward to install and operate. However, if you desire heavier doors, such as those made of solid wood, automatic garage door installation is recommended to handle the weight efficiently. By considering your preferences, the materials used, and the specific requirements of your garage, you can make an informed decision regarding manual or automatic garage door installation.

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Having a functional garage is a desirable feature in homes when buying or selling a property, a two or three-car garage can be a significant selling point. However, you may inevitably encounter issues such as broken spring repairs or the need to replace the garage door if it becomes inoperable. In terms of cost-effectiveness, it is advisable to replace garage door springs instead of repairing individual springs.   Repairing garage door springs is a potential repair you may face, as many homeowners also have modern security devices installed during garage door installation. Additionally, the door opener itself may require repairs or replacement at some point. However, apart from replacing or repairing the door itself, one of the most significant repair expenses is broken spring repairs. This is because your garage door’s opening and closing mechanism heavily relies on these essential door springs. While most garage door parts typically come with a service warranty when initially installed, the service life of these components is limited. If the warranty does not cover the door springs when they need repair, the cost will typically be borne by the homeowner.

Materials and equipments

Here are the general steps to follow when installing a garage door opener: Gather the necessary tools: Ensure you have all the tools mentioned in the manual, including a drill, drill bits, socket and wrenches, screwdriver, hacksaw, hammer, pliers, wire cutter, and a level. Prepare the garage door: Make sure the garage door is in good working condition and properly balanced. Inspect the door for any damage or issues that must be addressed before installing the opener.   Install the mounting brackets: Attach the mounting brackets to the garage ceiling according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a level to ensure they are properly aligned. Install the opener unit: Attach the garage door opener unit to the mounting brackets using the provided hardware. Follow the specific instructions for securing the opener in place. Install the rail: Connect the rail or track of the opener to the header bracket on the garage door. Make sure it is securely fastened and aligned correctly.


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Get the Value and benefits of our TOTAL service at no extra cost. When we solve the main problem we also do embedded services for free.
26-point inspection and nuts, screws tension – the Value of $55
Free Cables replacement together with Springs Replacement  – the Value of 95$
Garage Door Hardware and Chain Maintenance – the Value of 65$
Adjustment of travel limits & tension of belt / chain – the Value of $75
Whatever you need we give you more for the same price or cheaper!

26-Point Garage Door Inspection

26-Point Garage Door Inspection

Garage Door Balance
Emergency Release Cord
Bottom Brackets
Cable Drums
End Bearing Plates
Torsion / Extension Springs
Center Bracket
Central Bearing
Top Brackets
Tracks, Hinges, Rollers, Struts
Weather Seal
Garage Door Panels
Nuts and Bolts
Chain / Belt, Trolley
Sprocket Shaft
Safety Sensors
Wall & Door Brackets
Remotes and Switches
Travel limits
Opening / Closing Force

Total Service

T O T A L Service

Our approach put us apart of other companies, because we do everything like for ourselves, using heavy-duty parts, paying attention to all small thing we not only solve the problem but also conduct 26-Point Inspection of the entire system and provide T O T A L service, so our customers usually say – our doors have never worked as well as after our service.
The T O T A L Service includes, but not limited:
– garage door lifting system adjustment
– garage door hardware maintenance (lubrication of rollers, bearings, hinges, even springs)
– tightening of loose screws and nuts
– removal of dents on trucks
– safety sensors alignment and cleaning
– travel limits adjustment
– the chain / belt tensioning
– chain maintenance
– light bulb holders cleaning


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